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Sharpen By Mail sharpens all types of scissors and shears including beauty, barber, grooming, sewing, fabric, and industrial.  Short, long, curved, straight, serrated, corrugated, and pinking.  

We sharpen any brand of shears including Anvil USA, Shark Fin, Sensei, Kasho, Wolff, Kashi, Aussie Dog, Hikari, Yasaka, Lucky Hare, Fromm, Geib Buttercut, Rose Line, Shisato, Kansai, Jaguar, Heritage, KAI, Monk, Arius Eickert, Kenchii, Centrix, Oster, Joewell, Washi, Ookomi, RazorSharp, Sakura, Mitsuzaki, Cricket, Kamisori, Andis, Nina, and all others. 

We also sharpen most types of beauty, barber, grooming clipper blades and knives.



We provide mail in scissor and clipper blade sharpening services using professional grade machines and tools that have been specifically designed for sharpening scissors and clipper blades. Sharpening by mail is a convenient and reliable way to get your scissors and clippers working again quickly.

Sharpen By Mail technicians have been certified by the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild (NBTSG) and multiple shear manufacturers.

Sharpening is performed using one of our professional sharpening systems depending on the type of scissors to be sharpened: Ez-Vex, Hira-To, or Twice As Sharp with the inside ride on convex shears sharpened by hand using Japanese style waterstones. Corrugations and serrations are created using the Corru-gator system or by hand using special tooling jigs and diamond coated files. 



1 - Print and fill out the Mail In Service Form.  See below.

2 - Fill out the online form to create a No Postage Necessary USPS Priority Mail Shipping Label and print it out.

3 - Pack your scissors securely in a box along with the Mail In Service Form. 

4 - Attach the No Postage Necessary USPS Priority Mail Shipping Label to the package. 

5 - Give the package to your USPS mail carrier or drop it in a USPS mailbox.

Price List

All prices are for basic sharpening services. Cleaning, extensive repairs, and replacement parts will incur additional charges.



Download and Print the Mail In Service Form

Click on the picture to download the Mail In Service Form.

Priority Mail Shipping Label


Create and Print the USPS Priority Mail Shipping Label

Click on the picture to go to the online form.


Our service allows you to create a no postage necessary priority mail return label.  Simply print it out, attach it to your package, and give the package to your mail carrier or deposit it into a USPS mailbox.  The USPS will calculate the postage amount and charge our account when they deliver the package.  We will add the postage amount to your invoice.

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Digital Gift Cards

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Workshop Tour

This video shows the tools, equipment, and sharpening systems used by Sharpen By Mail to sharpen and service shears, scissors, and clipper blades.

National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild Sponsor


We Are Proud Sponsors and Members

The NBTSG is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit corporation owned by sharpeners, for the benefit of sharpeners.  Shear Precision Sharpening is proud to sponsor the NBTSG.  Jesse & Dawn Hockett have been members since 2012 and continue to participate and support the NBTSG.

Mission Statement

The National Beauty Tool Sharpeners Guild is an industry trade group established to advance the knowledge and skills of beauty tool sharpeners. The organization certifies sharpeners of shears, scissors, thinning shears, and clipper blades so that there is a fair and unbiased evaluation of the sharpening ability and provides resources for best business practices, training, and the advancement of the sharpening industry. 

Vision Statement

To become the preeminent source of knowledge and training for the beauty tool sharpening industry by hosting fun, effective, and welcoming conventions and certification events. To provide an atmosphere in which sharpeners of all experience levels can gather and learn from each other and to advance the cause of certified sharpeners and their usefulness and benefit to other industries.


  • Foster participation in the guild and continuous improvement within our industry. 
  • Be a positive and respected influence within the sharpening community. 
  • Set the standards for professional sharpeners. 

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